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REACH Pikes Peak -
We love our community! We want to send a huge thanks to Miss Colorado Springs - Sevin Murdock for her support of REACH Pikes Peak as she heads to compete as a delegate at the Unites States of America’s Miss Colorado this weekend!

Miss Colorado Springs - Sevin Murdock selected REACH Pikes Peak as her charity along her journey and raised over $5,000 for our nonprofit! Thanks to the supporters who rallied behind Sevin Murdock Realtor!

Sponsors: Brooke Rash, The Social Celebrity, The Gaddis Real Estate Group at Sunflower Management, Evergood Elixirs, The Barefoot Family Caravan, Marigold Cafe & Bakery Colorado Springs Blush Dry Bar Salon, 365 Grand Club, The Gold Room, Black Bear Distillery, Vivi’s Visuals and many others!

#CommunityMatters #NonProfitLife #Colorado Springs #We Are REACH #EndPovertyCOS

"Awesome and super smooth first time hone buying experience with Sevin! She is very knowledgeable of many different areas, definitely would recommend her!" - Kyle B

"Proud to call this young lady my Denver/Colorado Springs referral partner. Great job Sevin!"

"Yeah - super proud of you! Young and smart and successful - and gives back where she lives and works! Nice job friend" - Andrew P

"You go, girl!! Excellent work. Keep reaching for the sky." - Dori L

"Congratulations, Sevin! You deserve it all! Thank you for being such a great role model by truly putting in such great work for others in this community!" - Bryan R

"Thank you for elevating Reach Pikes Peak and being a community advocate!" - REACH Pikes Peak

"Sevin has been a pleasure to work with"

"I love partnering with Sevin. She really impresses me with her intelligence, maturity,  focus and perseverance. She has a boundless positive attitude and is so much fun to work with. Sevin is a phenomenal choice to be your realtor! " - Sandy W.

"Being exclusively in the property management business it’s important for me have excellent Realtors for me to refer my owners and tenants to when it comes to buying and selling. Sevin is 1 of 2 of the realtors my firm refers. You can’t go wrong." - Adrian H

Congrats Sevin! You are a rock star and I am proud to have you as my client! - Design To Sell

"A Real Estate Agent for the Modern Era"

"What an incredibly smart, energetic and competent realtor. I really enjoy working with Sevin !" - Sean M

"Sevin is a true professional and knows how to get a job done well!" - Shawn M

"Willing to help even when it is not convenient"

"Sevin is absolutely amazing. She will go far beyond your wildest expectations to find the right home for you. She is very ambitious and will not stop until she finds your dream home. Look for further than Sevin, you will not be disappointed!"            - Storm Bailey

"Working with Sevin is like working with a trusted friend"

"Sevin, you are such a sweet, smart, and beautiful young woman. As beautiful as you are on the outside, you are even more beautiful on the inside where it counts most. Love you and can't thank you enough for helping us find our home here in Colorado Springs!" - Carla D

"Sevin bent over backwards to research, show, & help in any way possible. We would happily recommend her to any buyer or seller"

"I have known Sevin since she was little! She has always been such a strong, smart, independent person and she is so beautiful inside and out. I look up to sevin and I am 14 years older than her lol. When she believes in something she dedicated everything She's got into it. I am so proud of you Sevin and to see the beautiful women you have become!" - Sheena A

"Thourough & Detailed Oriented"

"Sevin is a beautiful representation of what I hope Colorado Springs is all about. She is very smart, helpful, sincere, attractive, and funny. As if that were not enough she has the heart of teacher and who could represent Colorado Springs better than a fifth generation native! Sevins got my vote! - Robert T

"Sevin is charismatic and loyal to representing Colorado Springs, no one more professional, relatable, and deserving!!" - Shawn M

"I believe she is very focused and will do well in representing Colorado Springs Colorado" - Charles M

"Sevin goes above and beyond!" - Janelle C

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