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REACH Pikes Peak

REACH Pikes Peak "Empowering Individuals and Families with the Hope and Skills they need to be Self Sufficient".

While there are many incredible charities that contribute support to local efforts, REACH Pikes Peak goes above and beyond to "bridge the gap" through incentivizing and encouraging individuals to reach higher and reach out. Through positive enforcement and a clear understanding that incentives matter, REACH Pikes Peak is able to help individuals REACH for the seemingly unobtainable through charitable efforts as small as paying a families utility bill, to something as large as pushing people to their doctorate degree. This is no "hand out" charity. I believe that hard work pays off, this is why I choose to proudly campaign Reach Pikes Peak. Nobody can want your success more than you- nobody can work harder for it. Success in any field is earned and REACH Pikes Peak is here to HELP struggling individuals/ families bridge the gap and pave a new path. REACH for it. Work for it. Achieve it with the help of REACH Pikes Peak.

Help struggling families and individuals REACH higher and donate today. The opportunity to reach is something many of us take for granted. REACH Pikes Peak provides not only opportunity and qualified support systems, but a higher education and more profound quality of life through a new way of thinking and distributing resources. Reach pikes peak allows current individuals in need the opportunity to give back one day. The mission behind REACH Pikes Peak is in generations to come. The single mom that works two full time jobs. The father with an 8th grade education. The kid who doesn’t get to choose the cards they are dealt. The champion with the courage to fight for more. Families with growing pains. The next doctor, public defender, Air Force graduate- the kid who achieved their dreams because REACH Pikes Peak provided valuable resources to establish a lasting effect for generations to come. These are the people in our community you help when you donate.  Your proceeds go toward people that just simply need a viable opportunity they can work toward, not towards a free hand out or $500,000 salary to a non profit CEO.

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