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My Mission

I have the great privilege and honor of representing United States of America's Colorado Springs 2018-2019. Being a 4th generation native to this beautiful state, I am fortunate to have all of the necessary resources to go above and beyond in order to champion a positive impact in our community.

Growing up, I was a tomboy. I was never afraid to get dirty, break a sweat, hang with the boys, and rock clothes from the boy's department. I grew up working on cars, dirt biking, camping, hunting/ fishing, and exploring all of the wonderful aspects Colorado has to offer. While I may seem to fit the bill quite well, I am completely out of my element running around in a tiara. When I was originally presented with the opportunity to campaign for Unites States of America's Miss Colorado Springs and represent our tightly knit community, I was very reluctant. I didn't want to conform to industry standards or beliefs I did not embody. I am chose to participate in the pageant because I believe that I have the profound opportunity to show other women that they don't have to conform to industry standards, as well as show people as a whole that they can actually reach for the stars, as themselves, in any industry, and set the bar high to achieve great things. I believe that flaws are only present if you don't embrace them. I want to set the expectation that it is our human right and privilege to embrace our flaws and be different. My goal is to create a new way of thinking and set higher expectations for generations to come. This being said, I chose to not take on any sponsors for the pageant. Everything I have done is from the benefit of my own resources. No backdoor deals, obligations, or commitments. I believe in this community so much, I was not willing to risk selling it out for a donation to my campaign. Doing charitable work becomes a whole lot less charitable when you are profiting from it. I saw a great opportunity to be more active in my community through this campaign. Colorado Springs has been the heart and soul of my family for multiple generations and it has taken very good care of us. It is my turn to give back and I am fortunate enough to do this in more ways than just one through my established multi-generational network, drive, and perseverance. 

It is my hope that you will continue to join me in participating in and supporting our ever growing community to achieve a higher standard.