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About Sevin

I am a 4th generation Colorado Springs native who understands the unique lifestyle available only in this region.

Having been born and raised in Colorado, I have all the necessary knowledge to help you find the perfect neighborhood and home. Additionally, I have a background in residential general contracting which helps provide for a smooth transaction due to the vast knowledge and many resources I have at my fingertips. Over-improving a property before a sale can be just as dangerous as purchasing one with thousands of dollars of differed maintenance. Having been raised in a family that owns local businesses I understand what what it will take to earn yours.

My goal is to make moving a fun, seamless and stress free experience through educating and communicating with my clients every step of the way. Being on a team, I have the knowledge I've acquired, as well as the lifelong knowledge and guidance of my team members.

No matter the transaction, team work really does make the dream work!

Being a part of The Progressive Property Group, I have the freedom to utilize the knowledge I have personally acquired, as well as leverage the lifelong knowledge and guidance of my team members. We understand that nothing good comes easy so we work hard right from the start. In my experience, a team effort is always the most effective. I always make it a personal goal to outreach and over preform with anything I apply myself to while creating a fun and productive environment along the way.

I am honored to play a large roll in my community through helping others buy, sell, invest, and relocate. I am honored to hold title as United States Of America's Miss Colorado Springs, sit on the committee for one of our most admirable local non profits, and educate real estate professionals across the country on growing their business. A large focus of mine is not only helping people relocate to Colorado, but more importantly, help them plant roots in our community... After all, that is what makes a house into a home!

Through my multi-generational native roots and public roll in my community, I am able to take on any challenge with confidence and pride!

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